#wdhRAYAsale 25 May (3pm) - 30 June (11pm) 2017

Save the date :)
Just a few minutes to go..

Wangiandihati celebrated 3rd anniversary early this month on 7th May.
Now, we are heading to Ramadhan and Hari Raya..
So, it's time for sale :D :D

Please view our items on sale at our cart website

and register to order from there.

For agents, please
1) Order tru shopping cart website
2) Wait for my adjustment invoice
3) Proceed with payment

Thank you my dear all.
I'll slowly upgrades the cart website because I do all myself (updates/uploads)..
Quite tiring but at least one of my dream came true :) :)

Again, thank you for your co-operation and happy shopping :)

-pardon me for my 'biasa-biasa' English-

Greetings from wangiandihati

Welcome 2017!

Thank you for being nice and supported me in business and life throughout previous years..

And hopefully you will always be my precious who always there and make me survive in whatever i do and be happy!

I won't be stay until now without your kindness and supports..
Thank you again to all my families, friends, agents, biz partners, customers and others.

Let's Syukur..

Plan your work..
and work your plan..
Know us more!

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Also available non alcohol perfume brand #LIFNA ( @lifperfume ) & inspired perfume brand #grazieparfum ( @grazieparfum ).